Arcane Gems Online Slot Rating and reviews

Arcane Jewels is a slot machine with five reels and three rows that has a “treasure chest” that is loaded with various gems and other symbols. The 3D visuals of this game will be shown to you rather often because, once you do win, the winning symbols will appear on the screen while the rest of the board is redrawn (we’ll go into more detail about this later).

If you like listening to classical music, the audio of this Quickspin online slot game will be quite relaxing to you. The visuals in this game are great.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Arcane Gems

In the online slot game Arcane Gems, the screen is rather easy to understand, particularly for anybody who has even a little bit of experience playing at some of the greatest online casino sites. To spin, click the large circular button that is located far to the right. There are two smaller buttons located just to the left of the larger button. A round button to activate it is located on top. You have the option of selecting anything from 10 to 1,000 automated spins whenever you play using Autoplay. Directly below this is a double arrow that, when clicked, activates the Turbo mode.

You may access the paytable and a description of the game’s features by clicking on the symbol that looks like three bars and is located on the left side of the screen. The highest payout for a diamond is 25 times the bet for five in a row, followed by 8 times the stake for four, and then 2.5 times the stake for three. The payouts for other types of gems are often smaller, while the payouts for colorful card symbols (hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs) are typically lower than those for gems.

It is not necessary for the winning combination to begin on the leftmost reel; the winning combination may begin with any three, four, or five adjacent symbols on any of the five reels. This kind of lock mechanics is known as arcane lock mechanics. When you strike at least three adjacent symbols, the top paying combination is locked into place, and all other winning combinations pay out instantly. This happens regardless of how many other winning combinations you hit. After that, you will get an automated respin with the best winning combination held in place throughout the process. You will continue to get respins until there are no more winners, at which time you will collect your reward.

Characteristics and Compatibility of Arcane Gems

Arcane Multipliers are something that players at the best online slot sites will not encounter very often, and as a result, they are one of the elements that stand out the most in this game.

If you complete a whole column with locked symbols, you will get a column multiplier that is randomly chosen between 2 and 5. The total multiplier is calculated by adding together all of the column multipliers that were granted. During the Arcane Multipliers feature, having a whole screen filled with locked symbols may result in a payout with a total multiplier of up to 25x. Prizes up to 5,625 times the initial wager may be won on the whole screen.

Players who want to use their mobile devices to spin the reels of an online slot machine may do so without any issues with the Arcane Gems game. This Quickspin slot game may be played for real money in a version that is optimized for use on Android and iOS mobile devices, including tablets and phones, in addition to the version that is optimized for use on desktop computers.

This game does not have a standard free spins bonus round, which is a notable omission. This comes as a bit of a surprise given that the vast majority of the company’s other games in its collection provide free spins.

Arcane Gems’ maximum win variation and return to player percentage

The RTP for the Arcane Gems slot machine is 96.05 percent, and the game has a medium level of unpredictability. Your wager will be multiplied 5,625 times if you are successful, and the highest prize is worth 562,500 credits. This is a respectable maximum win, but some other games from Quickspin give even more, such as the Diamond Duke online slot, which has a maximum reward of 800,000 credits available for players to win.

Is It Fun to Play Arcane Gems as an Online Slot Machine?

Arcane Gems is an online slot game that has a medium level of volatility. Because the game is simple to comprehend, it may have some appeal to players who are just starting out with using online slots to play for real money. Some high rollers could be interested in the maximum payoff of 562,500 credits, while casual players might be more interested in exploring their other possibilities.

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