Review of Little Big Bingo

Certain bingo websites make their aims very plain from the start. And we don’t simply mean that they tell you they’re all about bingo. In comparison, this specific product seemed to be a bit more, hmm, perplexed about its true topic.

Little Big Bingo is a catchy old name, but for anybody who remembers 1970s movies, it may conjure up a pair of unrelated images. Consider Little Big Man or The Battle for Little Big Horn. In contrast, there is nothing here that is remotely related to braves or Native American tribes, but the creators’ choice of typeface is reminiscent of the old Wild West, which may explain their choice.

However, the bulk of the webpage is taken up by a backdrop graphic representing a stage play with curtains drawn to each side. They undoubtedly had this capability in the Old West of yore, but it’s hardly the first thing that springs to mind when we think of this era in history. At the very least, it’s not another website filled with stereotyped images of cowboys and the like, as we’ve seen several times before.

Pristine & Crisp

Now, enough with the brevity of the initial impression analysis; let’s get to the meat of the matter. In a sense. The webpage itself is pretty uncluttered in design, in that all of the information you’re looking for is readily available. The top of the screen has the brand name, a sign in form, and two buttons to the left – one for Play Now and another for new membership registration. In the center of the stage, which may easily be a cinema rather than a theatre (ask not about authenticity or correctness), is a white panel with the words Spend A Little, Win Big, Play Now. Clearly, this is something that everyone desires, so you get full scores for that.

Three further little box outs are located underneath each of these. On, you’ll see the sign-up bonus – which is now set at 200 percent, but we’ll get to that later. The other is a Guaranteed Daily Jackpots box, which indicates that they occur daily at 9 p.m. Following that, you may play bingo for as little as £1, which is usually very enticing. Finally, a reminder to become a follower of Little Big Bingo on Facebook in order to be informed about current special offers. Again, not a horrible concept in and of itself.

Numerous Tabs

The menu row of click-through tabs is located just under the brand name at the top of the page, which is a conventional arrangement that makes them very simple to find and click on. Overall, we’ve seen considerably worse designs and far less work put into demonstrating what a website is really about. One thing we would say is that there may be some indications of the sort of games available – and this is a bit of a sticking point for us. People don’t want to have to keep clicking in order to determine if they’re interested in becoming a member—there should be clear information about the kind of games available to members from the time they sign up. Or are we just asking too much?

Or Perhaps Not…

Once you begin to go into Little Big Bingo, which launched in 2011, you realize just how deep that rabbit hole really is. If you click on ‘Games’ at the top of the screen (in the aforementioned row of menu tabs), you are directed to a page where you may sign up or log in. ‘However?’ So, how much time do you have for us to explain the issue with this?

Assume for a moment that we are new users visiting Little Big Bingo for the first time. Perhaps we arrived here through Google, or perhaps we arrived via another form of website discovery. It makes no difference in any case. The point is that there is no assurance we would have chosen this bingo website over any of the numerous others on the market. This suggests that the developers should be glad that we chose this location over another. As such, the last thing they should do is force us to click for no reason in the expectation of learning anything. Simply said, when you click ‘Games,’ you should see samples of the games available. You don’t, and as a result, this is one of those websites that has already failed to get off the ground.

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